15) Stone Mountain March (03:17) - Randall Franks
Stone Mountain March (03:17)

Randall Franks Entertainment

Songwriter/Arranger: N. Eugene Akers
Publisher and PRO: Peach Picked Publishing/BMI
CS/CD: “Pick of the Peaches Fiddlin’’”
Release: 1986
Crimson Records (originally Atteiram Records)

Eugene Akers: Mandolin
Randall Franks: Fiddle
Greg Earnest: Banjo
Keith Morris: Guitar
Mark Nelson: Bass

"This tune is one written by my mentor and instructor Eugene Akers. He is featured on the mandolin. It is named after the Georgia landmark." I] Randall Franks

"Pick of the Peaches Fiddlin'" was Randall's fifth album and his second fiddle release featuring him with his childhood bluegrass band - the Peachtree Pickers.

Music Photo: Ned D. Burris; Makeup: Rhonda Barrymore; Hair Stylist: Sue Koskela