11) Gloryland March (2:57) - Randall Franks
Gloryland March (02:57)

Randall Franks Entertainment

Songwriter: Johnnie Masters
Publisher and PRO: APRS/BMI
CS/CD: “Pick of the Peaches Fiddlin’’”
Release: 1986
Crimson Records (originally Atteiram Records)

Randall Franks: Fiddle
Greg Earnest: Banjo
Eugene Akers: Mandolin
Mark Wheeler: Guitar
Keith Morris: Guitar
Mark Nelson: Bass

"As a youth I was a huge James and Martha Carson fan and James performed this song with the Masters Family, so I learned it and made it part of my regular performances." Randall Franks

"Pick of the Peaches Fiddlin'" was Randall's fifth album and his second fiddle release featuring him with his childhood bluegrass band - the Peachtree Pickers.