10) He's Never Gonna Fool Me Again (3:02) - Randall Franks

10) He's Never Gonna Fool Me Again - Randall Franks (3:02)

Songwriter/Arranger: John Farley and Randall Franks
Publisher and PRO: Peach Picked Publishing/BMI
Release: 1990 Handshakes and Smiles

Randall Franks: Vocals and Fiddle
Mark Wheeler: Harmony Vocals
Darrin Chambers: Harmony Vocals
Mark Wheeler: Acoustic Guitar
Jeff Easter: Harmonica and Piano
Lewis Phillips: Banjo
Darrin Chambers: Bass
Jesse McReynolds: Mandolin
Steve Easter: Dobro

One of the long standing influences on the music of Randall Franks, "Officer Randy Goode" of "In the Heat of the Night," is the songwriting of Georgia guitarist John Farley. One of his best-known singles feature lyrics penned by Farley - "He's Never Gonna Fool Me Again." The single combines blues and bluegrass in a pioneering Contemporary Christian performance with a country flair released in 1990 by Crimson Records from the album "Handshakes and Smiles." The success of the song on radio featuring Franks supported by Mark Wheeler and Darrin Chambers of the Marksmen Quartet and veteran Southern gospel musician Steve "Rabbit" Easter on Dobro ®, helped to gain the attention of record buyers pushing the release up the Music City News and Gospel Voice sales charts. The "B" side of the single was a bluegrass fiddle performance of "Rock of Ages" including the musical talents of Franks, Jeff Easter on harmonica, Steve Easter on Dobro, Mark Wheeler on guitar, and Travis Lewis of the Lewis Family on acoustic bass.

"Songwriter John Farley entrusted me with this song and I did my best to give it a feel that would appeal to a wide audience supported by Mark Wheeler and Darrin Chambers vocally. It was well received by radio listeners." Randall Franks