Blue Ridge (2:30) - Randall Franks
Blue Ridge - Randall Franks (2:30)

Songwriter: John Farley
Publisher and PRO: Verb Music/BMI
Release: 2014 (Originally recorded 1983)

Randall Franks: Fiddle and Vocals
Jeff Blalock: Banjo
Wes Freeman: Fiddle and Vocals
Matthew Mundy: Mandolin and Vocals
Mark Nelson: Bass and Vocals

Over 25 youth and their parents supported Randall's Peachtree Pickers during its tenure as a children and youth act.
The band expanded their audience performing at churches, schools, fairs and music festivals.
The act recorded five albums and performed from South Carolina to Texas including repeat appearances for the Grand Ole Opry ®. They made multiple appearances for PBS and other TV shows including as regulars on “The Country Kids TV Series” seen around the world. Randall’s group won the title of Georgia’s official bluegrass champions in 1985.
The "Country Kids" release includes recordings spanning from 1975-1983. "Blue Ridge" is from a previously unreleased four song studio session on May 15, 1983 with engineer Don Bryant of Snapfinger Music.

"John and Debbie Farley invested greatly with their time and creativity as mentors to our group of youth. We always included John's songs into our shows and recordings. Blue Ridge was one of my favorites from this era and means even more to me today as I feel the words in my roots." Randall Franks