Is There More to Life Than This? (3:52) - Randall Franks and David Davis
Is There More Than Life Than This - Randall Franks and David Davis (3:52)

Songwriter: Randall Franks
Publisher and PRO:Peach Picked Publishing/BMI
Release: 2000

Randall Franks: Guitar and Fiddle
David Davis: Mandolin
Marty Hays: Bass

This song is from Randall's Appalachian brother duet collection "God's Children" with Bluegrass star David Davis of Rounder Records and bass player Marty Hays, both of the Warrior River Boys.

"This song takes incidents I've seen while serving and from the daily news and place them within the context of the redeeming truth that there is more to life than what fills our vision and our screens to fill our souls with sadness, worry and pain. Life has so much more for us and God puts them in front of us every day to uplift and encourage." Randall Franks