The Old Black Fiddle (4:29) - Randall Franks and the Georgia Mafia Bluegrass Band
The Old Black Fiddle

Songwriter: Randall Franks
Publishing and PRO: Peach Picked Publishing/BMI

We've all heard the story of Johnny and the fiddle of gold
How the devil went down to Georgia looking for a soul
Well let me tell you the story of the fiddle Johnny played
And then you'll know the reason he beat the devil that day

Great Grandpa had an old black fiddle, he would take it down and play it a little
Folks would gather in for a country mile
They'd sing and dance, smile and shout
There's one thing they knew about
God had blessed that old black fiddle with a sound that could make it smile

One day while working the land, Grandpa he broke his hand
He never played much fiddle after that
The next spring rolled around, a fiddle contest came to town
And though Great Grandpa couldn't play, he took his fiddle anyway

As he stepped up on the stage all the folks heard him say
Dear Lord help me play today
Anita Wheeler whirled around as Clayton and Gid heard the sound
Fiddlin' John shook his heard turned and said 'Boys were dead.'

He pulled the bow across the strings, it made a sound like angels wings
And even though his fingers wouldn't rise
Everyone still talks this day about when God came to play
Grandpa's old black fiddle and took the prize

Grandpa never played another day the old black fiddle he hung away
And beside it on the wall, he did inscribe
The Master's hands this fiddle touched, though it's not worth very much
He chose it over all the rest to show the world the very best

Grandpa he went to town, cousin Johnny came around
The old black fiddle he just could not resist
So down to the old wood to play a bit
We all know who he met

Johnny held the fiddle on that day, but now we all know who really played