Craven's Reel (1:57) - Randall Franks
Craven's Reel - Randall Franks (1:57)

Songwriter/ArrangerRandall Franks
Publisher and PRO: Peach Picked Publishing/BMI
Release: 1985
Crimson(Originally PSL)

Randall Franks: Fiddle
Eugene Akers: Mandolin
Greg Earnest: Banjo
Lyndon Kolb: Guitar
John Farley: Guitar
Mark Nelson: Bass

Randall Franks recorded his first feature fiddle for release in 1985 with his childhood band the Peachtree Pickers and some special guests including mandolinist Eugene Akers and guitarist John Farley.

"Craven's Reel was among several of my early fiddle tunes that I composed. It was one of the few that made it to recording while I performed many on stage. The name came from an ancestor who I later discovered was an my great grandmother's uncle." Randall Franks