Chicken Addiction (2:55) - Randall Franks (Featured Comedy Track)
Randall Franks - Chicken Addiction (2:55)

Randall Franks Entertainment

Songwriter: Randall Franks
Publisher & PRO: Peach Picked Publishing/BMI
Release: 2016 Keep 'Em Smilin'

Comedian: Randall Franks
Musician: Randall Franks

Chicken Addiction is a comedy story in the style of Jerry Clower, Grady Nutt, and Minnie Pearl from Randall Franks's live Christian music and comedy CD "Keep 'Em Smilin'" also including Stamps Quartet pianist Curtis Broadway.

Franks debuted the CD release in a special concert appearing with U.S. President and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Ga.

Appalachian Ambassador of the Fiddle Franks, who began appearing as a Grand Ole Opry guest star in 1984, is an American film and television star who appeared in three TV series and 15 films including his internationally known role as "Officer Randy Goode" on TV's "In the Heat of the Night."