Mean Joe Blake (2:24) - Randall Franks with Jim and Jesse McReynolds

Songwriters: Randall Franks and Alan Autry
Publisher & PRO: Peach Picked Publishing/BMI

A kind-hearted man with a strong right hand
from the Tennessee hills has come MEAN JOE
He won every fight until one night
when the fight man talked to him some MEAN JOE
So he gave it his all and he tried to take the fall
but he just couldn't let him win MEAN JOE
They wanted his head but he gave him instead
a strong right cross to the chin MEAN JOE

Looking for peace, he knew where to go,
back to the hills of home MEAN JOE
To the farm and the land where folks take a stand
and more than just food is sown MEAN JOE
Where a friend in need is a friend in deed
and everybody knows your name MEAN JOE
Whether Crockett, Boone or Mean Joe Blake
you walk tall just the same MEAN JOE

Joe Blake, strong and tall, he'd never take a fall
He'd stand for what is right
Making a difference even if he had to fight
Joe Blake, strong and tall, he;d never take a fall
Hold on to your hats boys, fire in the hole,
You better look out, here comes Mean Joe