05) How Could I Go? - Emerald Butler
How Could I Go?

Songwriter: Emerald Butler
Publisher and PRO: Emerald Butler/BMI

How could I go? You wanted to know
Well I couldn't say I just went that way
Here I am again with my best friend
How could I go, well I don't know

You want me to stay, you want me to play
If I said no would you let me go
What do you see? How can it be?
Just you and me the rest is history

I wondered alone, so far from home
No one could take your place
Looks like you won the race

Oh, I admit that I was wrong
Start singing a different song, OK
But not today

I love you so, I just want you to know
I didn't mean to hurt you baby
Just know drive me crazy
So dangerous, the two of us
Were meant to be, just you and me
Just you and me, are meant to be

Just you and me, The rest is history