Oliver Johnson -"Woman Want You Dance With Me (Live)"
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PO.Box 771693
St. Louis, MO.63177-1693

Artist: Oliver Johnson & Nite Train
Composer/Writer: Jimmy Jones
Publisher: D.L.Quinn Records Music Publishing Company

Live performance by Oliver Johnson & Nite Train at Esse Place, East St. Louis,Illinois,2005. What set Oliver Johnson aside from you average blues and soul artist is that his signature of soul is his Trumpet, Oliver is the first Blues and Soul Artist to enter the business with a Trumpet, not a Harmonica,guitar,sax,drum,but a trumpet. And,he's good,having been the Band leader and horn arranger for the late Albert King for nearly thirteen years gives him plenty of blues experience. Now he steps out front of the Band with the horn that Gabriel blew and brought down the walls.