Osee Anderson -"Breaking Up Somebody Home (Live)"
Contact Information:
Quinn Records TM
PO.Box 771693
St. Louis, MO.63177-1693

Artist(s): Osee Anderson
Composer/Writer: Jackson & Mathew
Publisher: JAR

(Osee "The Sheriff" Anderson recorded LIVE from Chicago,Illinois)Taken from Osee's debut Album titled "Smokin Not Jokin, QR031120-1 Osee'The Sheriff brings fire to those guitar strings,with his Jimmi Hendricks and Guitar Watson style playing.Osee,The Sheriff knows how to get a crowd stirred up. A graduate student of Gramlin, Osee made major music where he excelled to become a top performing artist and musician. A first cousin of the late Albert "Blues Boy" King, inspired Osee the be the best at the music, another mentor and idiol of Osee is Stevie Ray Vaugh whom Osee have the occassion to play with in his college days, Osee mastered the guitar at the early age 12 and he still feel that he need more practice...