KL&R2 -"The Soul of A Man(Medleys of Solomon Burke)"
Soul Of A Man
by KL&R2 2013

For all of you today
I want to dedicate this Medleys
of songs to Mr. Solomon Burke
May he rest in peace

Easy, Easy

If you need me-call me
I said if you need me-
All you got to do is- call me
Don't wait to long, just pick
up your cell phone.
And call -my number- my number
I'll come running home.


If you want me - do me a favor-send for me
I said if you want me- all you got to do is
send for me- don't wait to long
And let everything in your life go wrong,
But if you need me darling-
call my number
I'll, come running home.


Tonights the night,when you belong to me
Tonights the night, we don't need no company
Oh tonight, ah tonight, tonight, tonight

Easy, Easy

Yes after I hung up my heart for you darling
And I said if you ever need me- all you got
to do is call me
I stood up and told the whole wide world
that you was good for me-baby
And you laughed and called me a personal clown,
In front of all your friends,
You walked away and left me standing there like
a fool, I couldn't even go to my friends and my
other relations, all I could do is stand up and hang
my head in shame see what you cost me- see what
you cost me-baby

Love of me mother,
love of my father,
love of my sista
oh my brotha, too,
see now
what you cost,
Cause I know, that I'm lost,
it was the price
I had to pay,price,
the price for loving someone
like you,baby
Baby, Oh my baby-see now
what you cost
Cause I know, I know that
I'm lost, it was the price
the price,awe!
loving someone-
someone like you.

December 10, 2013