KL&R2 -"The Soul of A Man(Medleys of Solomon Burke)"
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Artist(s): KL&R2
Arrangement: Dwight L. Quinn
Publisher: D.L. Quinn Music Publishing Company

Quinn Records TM's recording artist KL&R2, rehearsing their brand new soul n blues release titled, "Let's Go Party". Meet the members of Kevin Wheeler's Rockin' Soul n' Blues band "R2", starting with Kevin,Jr..(drums), Larry,(key boards), Harvey Lee,(Percussions & Background vocals),JP.,(Bass) and Mike Bella,(Lead Guitar).
The music pro-lif-er-ators over at the Kevin Wheeler/KL&R2 camp debuted a new track today targeted to the audiences of the world’s leading Soul n' Blues guru, the late great Solomon Burke.

” Launched as a tribute recognizing Mr. Burke's great contribution to the art and to the soul n' blues music industry, Kevin's team's aim is to set out and re-discover the profound life impact of this icon works.

The track was made into a medley of songs selected from a broad collection of world-class hits, made famous by Mr. Burke and were fan favorites exclusively for Soul n' blues users. The KL team titled the new track," The Soul of A Man (Medley of Songs by Solomon Burke) the mix of medelys includes, If You Need Me,Tonights The Night and The Price I had To Pay and clocks in at 4:08 minutes in length.

The songs intro begins with a thundering drum role that would catch the listener by surprise at first, and the second wave Kevin makes this heart-felt announcement, dedicating the song to Mr. Solomon Burke and praying that he rest-in-peace and then he proceeds on into these touching medlodies of moving songs, consisting of “If You Need Me","Tonights The Night," and" The Price I Had To pay". “The Soul of A Man",(The Medleys of Solomon Burke) will rank high among the great works of Kevin Wheeler & KL&R2.