KL&R2 - "Let's Go Party"
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Artist: KL&R2
Composers/Writers:Bobby Conerly,Charles Ray Burton
Publisher: Delta Boy Music

KL&R2 is back! and ready to PAR-TAE! This eastern rocker group has a bluesy,soul groove that
has become a trade-mark of KL&R2 and has earned them notoriety in the R&B/Soul industry among
their peers.

KL&R2 started their career at a young age with the Redemption Record Label of
Houston, Texas, as a gospel group and later embarked upon the task of becoming an accomplished
writer and singer. KL&R2 delevoped and mastered their songwriter's skill that have sling-shot
many headliner R&B artists to the forefront of their careers,like, the late Johnny Taylor, Buddy
Ace, Bobby Bland, the late Jackie Wilson and a host of other internationally knownartists.,just
to name a few. Now comes KL&R2's fifth CD/SP ,"Let's Go Party," on the Quinn Records TM label
(QR131228-1 a re-birth for this soulful upbeat Blues stylist.

KL&R2, "Let's Go Party" CD/SP

1. Let's Go Party, Kevin Wheeler,written by Bobby Conerly,Charles Burton
2. Soul Of A Man, Kevin Wheeler,written by Solomon Burke
3. Down In The Valley, Kevin Wheeler,written by Solomon Burke
4. Drown In My On Tears,Kevin Wheeler,written by Henry Clover

Publisher:D.L.Quinn Music Publishing Company
Label: Quinn Records TM
Release Date: 2015
Vocals,lead;Kevin Wheeler
BkgrdVocals;Mich Jamerson
Keyboards;Robert Haywood,
Lead Guitar;Sam Gooden
Bass Guitar;Albert Lamps
Drums:Kevein Wheeler,Jr.

Produced by: Dwight L. Quinn
Distributed By:Boogie City Music-St.Louis

KL&R2 was organized and form in Maym 2004 by Kevin Wheeler who wanted to perform Soul and R&B music
having spent nearly twenty years singing and touring the Country with the two-timed Grammy nominee
Gospel group named The Divine Messengers. Kevin's original members forming KL&R2 was lead singer,
Robert Howze, and Hollywood Carter. That same year KL&R2 recorded their first debut CD Single on the
Quinn Records TM label titled,"Can You Get Away"wriiten by Oliver Johnson a Quinn Records TM Jazz and
Blues recording artist.The record did very well, leading upto KL&R2's second CD Single release titled
"Par-Tae! Get Your Groove On with lead vocalist Robert Howze. Par-Tae! Get Your Groove On was written by
the talented Robert Howze and Robert was genious that brought KL&R2 tolime light of R&B in 2006 with again
another hit CD Single,"Somebdy Said" on the Quinn Records TM label. KL&R2 has built an extremely large fan
following in the U.S. with high-energy performing performing act and their knack for real-life living lyrics
that rasinate with their audience everywhere that they go.

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KL&R2 is back! and ready to PAR-TAE!
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