Melvin Smokehouse Moore - "Let's Get Into Something"
Contact Information:
Quinn Records TM
PO.Box 771693
St. Louis, MO.63177-1693

Artist: Melvin"Smokehouse"Moore
Composer/Writer: Melvin Moore
Publisher: D.L.Quinn Music Publishing Company

Let's Get Into Something written by Melvin Moore, S.Simmons,R.Simmons.The debut Album,Choice Cut has become a very successful undertaken for Melvin who past success with his hit recording,I Been Watching You,a 1971 funk R&B put Melvin and the group Chicago South side Movement on the map of Funk R&B. So Melvin is well experienced when come it come to having hit tunes to your Credit. Let's get into something is one of those songs that fans want let Melvin remove himself from the stage without requesting another listen. Let's Get Into Something.