LiL Aaron - "Oh Baby-You Don't Have To Go"
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PO.Box 771693
St. Louis, MO.63177-1693

Artist: Lil Aaron Mosby
Composer/Writer: Jimmy Reed, Matcher James
Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing,LLC. BMG Rights Management US,LLC.

Oh Baby/You Don't Have To Go a cover by the late legendary Jimmy Reed was another tune that LiL Aaron felt needed to remembered on his debut Album LIL Aaron Remembers,The Last Employee. LiL Aaron told that Jimmy Reed and wife would come through St.Louis quite a bit when touring and they would get together at Franks Club where LiL Aaron and his band played and Jimmy with his wife on drums would get into a Jam session and one the songs most popular at that time was Jimmy's Oh Baby You Don't Have To Go. LiL Aaron said that they would have some time play that song at least 3 times for the Club audience.LIL AARON REMEMBERS,THE LAST EMPLOYEE