James Gilbert - "Rainy Night In Georgia"
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Quinn Records TM
PO.Box 771693
St. Louis, MO.63177-1693

Artist: James Gilbert
Composer/Writer: Tony Joe White
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing

This album's title audible a heart-felt message calling for self-empowerment and faith in your very being. James Gilbert sets out to cover a selection from the Brook Benton collection,Rainy Night In Georgia a Brook Benton hit in the heyday of popular song, alongside a handful of new and original titles. James beam-up these tunes into a different time of R&B fusion that mid 80's and 90's period of that so-called Solid-Gold R&B sound, with the band often laying out the amplified versions of electricfying guitars,heavy-funky bass licks and powerful dramatic keyboards. And Gilbert's individualist vocal reinterpretations are well worth hearing. Long time industry songwriter and label owner Eugene Smiley Sr.added a wealth of energy to the project with original songs that fit the General R&B/Soul and Blues Public's ear.Gilbert concentrates on the dancing-disco 1980's era of the project. Keep On Keeping On opens with awsome words of inspirations, to pick up pieces and keep your eye on the prize because their's a higher power with you. One other track feature similar interjections of dialogue, establishing an wholesome aura of radio broadcast play.James created an abundance amount of reverb, sonic tweaks,druming and harmonics that are reminisence of the back sound of groups like War.

James bass licks work in harmony with their electrified lead guitarist creating some surprising combinations. There's a mellow deep baritone vocal rendition on Brook Benton's Rainy Night In Georgia, set to a slow-smooth funk vibe. Mark Gilmore delivers some firey prominent guitars fills on Keep On Keeping On, but overall it's Gilbert who's always central, his lead vocals making powerful statements.

Gilbert might get overly moody for Eugene Smiley's Blues This Morning, but Gilbert gets you wrapped up in mood. Preparing to get his tour off and moving by January, 2013 dressing up him and his band seems to be the one thing on Gilbert mind these days. Help Me sports a stressed like dialogue written by Eugene Smiley Sr. is one of several tunes mixing hope with economic recession.

Gilbert is a mellowist, but he's coming down in a line of vocal naturalists like Barry White. He breaks up the phrasing into his own,skatting through humps and bumps on the path of mellowing sound,lands himself out in front of the beat, making the verses float with the groove.


1. Rainy Night In Georgia 4:26
2. Keep On Keeping On 4:35
3. Blues This Morning 5:46
4. Help Me 2:59