Special Time of the Year
What a special time for you and me;
making plans to get together, with all the friends and family
It's very clear, Christmas time is here.. oooh yeah

And oooh the celebration, its gonna be
The Gift of Love from above, Mary's little bitty baby
He's God with us here, This Very Special Time of the Year

Smiling faces, everybody's going places
Children can't wait to see, all the gifts underneath the tree
Bring glad tidings and cheer, this Very Special Time of the Year

I heard the story told, men of old they say
A child will be born, to bring the light this way...
and there can be no doubt
He's what this special time is all about...


Children's faces smile with glee, lights around the Christmas tree
Lovers kisses all aglow, underneath the mistle toe
Finally that day is here, oooh that special time of the year..
glad tidings and Christmas cheer.

Choirs singing, praises ringing, to Mary's little bitty Baby Son
the Gift of Life to everyone,
Family and friends so dear, the Very Special Time of the Year...
That Special Time---Of The Year