Where the River is Wider

Where the muddy river bank
Grows green and warm and dank, I'll pray

For where the river's wider
I'm going deep inside her, some day

O! I'll throw off my shoes
Socks and shirts I'll lose, and I'll wade

And I'll be purified and blessed
and my soul will be caressed
for my heart has been undressed and remade

But not just yet
For I've not begun to fret
I'll wait a while
with this smile, like a child

Wherever it's burnt over
There's never more no clover, they say

And I'm young and I'm strong
and I think I'll get along, my way

Yes, some day I might
Hold my candle to the light, and bray

Like a stubborn old mule
Who can't but curse this life, a fool
And surrender all his li-ber-ty!

Copyright © 2019 Richard Kuslan
All Rights Reserved