Don't Give Me Up

No one ever gave me a medal for my brains
No one ever thanked me, not for all of my pains
No one ever cared much for my losses or gains
That is until you came along

Don't give me up, just give me time.
Wait, wait, wait, wait for me.
Maybe I've been slow to realize
There's a lot more going on behind those eyes

No one dared to treat you with such undue disdain
No one dared to cause you such undeserved pain
No one dared to miss all the signs that were plain
That is until I came along

I'm down here beggin' you, beggin' on bended knee
Release me, help learn respectability
My ridicule's a facet of my black and tiny heart
That needs an angel as its teaching counterpart


Copyright © 2019 Richard Kuslan
All Rights Reserved