You Gotta Do Better

Little girl
If you're looking for loving
You gotta do better
A whole lot better
Better than me

Little girl
If you're thinking 'bout cryin'
I'm not worth cryin'
Don't go cryin'
Take it from me

There're finer wares waitin' in store
If you'll wait a bit longer,
Reach a bit higher
The top shelf is nigh
And do better than me

Little girl
If you're thinkin' what I am
I'm thinkin' what you are
But it never can be
No sirree, cause I ain't free

Little girl
Don't look so surprised
I told you no lies
Just didn't open your eyes
You're better off free

Little girl
I'll give you a kiss now
One sweet kiss now
And then you'll be free
Take it from me
You gotta do better,
Better than me.

Copyright (c) Richard Kuslan 2018
All Rights Reserved