Yes Man

Go ahead and ask me any question
Anything you're little heart desires
I'll be frank but I might not be truthful
But you'll never classify me with the liars

I aim to please by giving satisfaction
The feeling that a woman's always right
You'll think I'm your soulmate and your lover
Every day and every single night

Yes, ma'am! I'm a yes man.
And I'll never, ever, ever tell you “no.”
I'm a yes man. HO! yes, ma'am!
And I'll be noddin' and a'grinnin'
All the time that I'm a sinnin'
But you'll never ever know.

To start I'll praise your wonderous perfection
No man since ancient history's ever seen
I'll butter up your bread and then I'll slice it
Six ways from Sunday, out and in between

The truth is, honey, this is what you've wanted
A place upon a pedestal on high
I may run around and play my fancies
But you and I will never say goodbye


Well now that I'm singin' this song, everybody knows! But you won't. I'll make sure of it. No, no! I'll be true! Just jokin'! You'll never never, ever ever, ever, ever know.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Kuslan
All Rights Reserved