She's Packing Her Suitcase for Hell

If ever there's a hussy who deserves it
There's one who I won't name what takes the cake
For I will not immortalize
A beauty to the untrained eye
But a plaster cast de Milo that's a fake

And now she's packing her suitcase for hell
The devil's sure to treat her very well
He'll say, Hey! honey, come on down!
I'll crown you queen with a brimstone crown
You took him pretty good in one swoop fell!

This vixen was a minx, a fox, a floozie
With a cunning smooth and deft pickpocket touch
She had me shackled to her ivory thighs
She cackled at my crippled cries
'Cause she forced me, made me use her like a crutch

I gave her all the money and the diamonds
How could she take the car, the house, as well?!
She left me here with all the crap,
A whiskey bottle and an old jock strap.
I'm not a man no more, I'm just a shell!


Anybody need a little itty bitty silly billy man?

Copyright © 2019 Richard Kuslan
All Rights Reserved