Drink, Drank, Drunk!

When I get to drinkin’
That’s when I get to thinkin’
But it’s ‘cause I ain’t been thinkin’ that I drink

Now if I was to think
I wouldn’t start to drink
And thinkin’’d stop me drinkin’ ‘til I’m drunk

If you drink ‘til you stink
Then you get drunk like a skunk
But then thinkin’ ‘bout drinkin’s not what you thunk

‘Cause ‘fore you start to drink
It ‘ccurs to you to think
That it’s kind of fun to think you’ll get stinkin’ drunk

Drinkin’, a man gets thinkin’
Thinkin’, he starts a’drinkin’
Thinkin’ and drinkin’ then drinkin’ and thinkin’
“Til you’re blinkin’ stinkin’ drink drank drunk!

VAMP (spoken)
Am I right to drink rye? Well, I’ll tell you why I drink. You see, my woman up and left me ‘cause they laid me off down the plant. Cause I was drinkin', see? So I didn't have even enough money to buy her her own bottle of gin.


So don’t you start drinkin’
‘cause it’ll start you thinkin’
Thinkin’ ‘bout the things that make you drink

Better think about some thinkin’
Before you start a’drinkin’
And that’ll stop you drinkin’, you old drunk


And that’ll stop you drinkin’, you old drunk

Maybe not!

Blinkin', stinkin’,
Drink, drank, drunk!

Copyright © 2018 Richard Kuslan
All Rights Reserved