Flowers of Love
Some are red
Some are blue
Most are nameless
For me and you
Some get cut down
Some grow wild
Some blaze like the devil
Some glow like a child
Flowers of love
Some are for temples
Some for the fair
Some for a secret one
Waiting out there
Some are for sending
Some are to mend
Some for the broken
A few for the end
Flowers of love
Some made of plastic
Some made of ground
Some get lost
Some get around
Some make garlands
Some for a wreath
Some in a bouquet
Down in the creek
Flower of love
Some for a bottle
Some for a vase
Some in the shadows
On a stranger’s face
Some are for drunk nights
Ending in dew
You try to forget them
But they hold on to you
Flowers of love
Some for the water
Some for the land
One from a hill
For a lonesome hand
Some are for dresses
Some pinned to a shirt
Moving together
In the wind & the dirt
Flowers of love
Some like the ditch
Some make the train
Some like to lay back
In the summer rain
Some grow fast
Some so slow
Sometimes you give up
The only one you know
Flowers of love...