In My Father's Heart
In My Father's Heart Words and music by Philip Scott Poli c2020
In my Father's heart there lived a hero
He was unfailing reliable and sure
But he always turned it around
And pictured me the heroic one
If I could only be the son
In my Father's heart

In my Father's heart stood a gentle warrior
He slayed our sorrows with spears of laughter
And when life has knocked me down
I've picked myself up off the ground
With strength and reasons that I found
In my Father's heart

When he would throw his arms around me and say I love you son
It made it true
That with love that's unconditional there is nothing that you cannot do
And when I've been a man or a solid friend
And when I've done the best that I can do
It's when I've seen myself from the point of view
In my Father's heart

In my Father's heart there always played a love song
And though he is gone now I hear that music still
Perhaps one day when I am gone
My daughter's voice will sing this song
She'll say I was sacred
I was sinless
I was a shooting star
In my Father's heart