Voice in Your Ear (04:20) - Featured Song
Verse 1
From birth we are told
live fast 'til you're old.
For the time will come to act,
and to be bold.
My fears of being left behind
have made me reach out to find,
the steps of life are hard to align.

When a face in the crowd
becomes a voice in your ear
telling you how to live, and how to love,
look down your path through the woods and the vines,
and see that you'll always have a friend.

Verse 2
I was acting insane,
and my friends felt the same.
What they could see
they wouldn't dare to explain.
Being under your thumb
with nowhere to run,
and what you said to me can't be undone.


Verse 3
We push for the best,
some settle for the less.
Is that really just the way that it goes?
I'm sorry I told you
that we'd make it through
all those years now we know
we'll never have.

Verse 4
I'll take back my ring,
or keep the damn thing.
(It) just reminds me of mistakes
that need to go.
Because time has shown to me
how unhappy we'd be,
it we hadn't chose our separate ways.

Verse 5
All my hurt set aside,
I've finally hit my stride.
For a new love has entered my life.
She's tender and sweet,
and I hope you both meet.
You never know -
she might say, "yes,"
and be my wife.

Double Chorus