Young But Daily A Growing
Young but Daily A Growing
(Public Domain)

The trees they are tall and the meadows they are green
Roses are in bloom but one thing mars the scene
But I must be content for happy days I’ve seen
With my bonny boy Davy a growin’.

Father, father, much harm have you done
Four long years have passed since I was twenty-one
A lover of twelve years is surely much too young
Only a school boy a growin’.

Daughter, daughter, no harm have I done
I have promised you to a rich Lord’s son
And he will make a bed for you to rock upon
He is young but he’s daily a growin’.

As she sat a sewin’ at her father’s castle hall
She saw him with the young boys playing at the ball
She smiled as she thought, “He’s the flower of them all”
He is young but he’s daily a growin’.

She made him a shirt of the very finest lawn
Made it for her bonny lover to put on
She sighed as she longed for her wedding day to come
He is young but he’s daily a growin’.

At the age of thirteen, he was a married man
At fourteen, the father of a son
But at sixteen, his grave was growin’ green
He died in the youth of his growin’.