Low Down Foley Blues - 2:00
Low Down Foley Blues

Believe me when I tell you,
what I'm about to tell you,
I wouldn't lie to you.
You won't believe all the troubles I've seen
or the hard times I've been through.
It might sound funny might sound sad,
let me tell ya it was nothing but bad.
Its my bad luck, beaten up,
of all the places I got stuck,
in Foley Alabama blues.

Way down yonder in the land of cotton,
talking about Foley Alabama.
They called me Yankee,
said "Hey who's the cowboy?"
"look Mr. Mayor I don't understand".
Everywhere I go I get an attitude
and these little church ladies,
man they're just rude.
My bad luck, beaten up,
sleeping in a pick up truck
in Foley Alabama blues.

I ain't got nothing but a pocket full of lint
and one pair of very dirty old socks.
And they could probably walk straight back to Indiana
if they wasn't so full of rocks.
I come here to work, didn't mean to raise no fuss
but these Alabama crackers make a preacher man cuss.
It's my bad luck broken down
trying to run me out of town
in Foley Alabama blues.
My bad luck broken down,
funny money run around,
in Foley Alabama blues.