Church Street - 3:27
Church Street

I don't care if the sun comes up
or if all it ever does is rain.

Blue skies sunshine rainy day anyway
its all gonna feel the same.

Same old story its sad but true,
never felt so sorry bout singing the blues

You can't love something you can't lose
and you can lose it all down on Church Street

I'm spent,
I've been spun around
I been whiskey'd down,
I been up four days

Lord I'm sorry,
for crying out loud
You couldn't turn me around, I wouldn't change my ways

Now here I am running all over town
acting like a fool trying to chase you down.
Asking every single lost soul I meet
but the birds ain't singing on church street.

If I really believed in angels,
would one fly down to rescue me?
Its hard to keep the faith
but a hearts not so hard to break.

You can't shake the blues down on church street.