Captivated - 3:31 (Featured Valentine's Day Track)
Captivated 3:31

Songwriters: Robert Weingartz, Clay DuBose & Ron Reynolds
Publishing & PRO: StreetSage, BMI

Contact: Paco
(978) 283-4855

Why “Captivated” is the Lead song and CD Title for my first 12-song originals album (my seventh album overall):

While working in Nashville with AirPlayDirect’s creator Robert Weingartz several years ago, I was sitting in his living room, and knowing the type of music I love he asked me “would you like to hear a song I wrote that I think you might want to sing?”. Sure said I, and was he ever right.

Something about that song “Captivated” just grabbed me emotionally at my very core from the outset. I couldn’t help myself, I was in turn quite captivated. He could immediately sense that I absolutely loved it and subsequently graciously allowed me to record my own version.

Thus “Captivated” forms the emotional love foundation of my first 12-song originals album and I am forever in debt to Robert.