Walk in the Woods
Songwriter and lead singer on the title track from their latest release, Jan Springer talks about the song: “The concept of the song actually did begin in the woods! My husband and I were walking quietly on a trail outside of Fraser CO and I began to take in the sounds and scenes of the beautiful autumn afternoon... My mind led me to thoughts of new love and how each party listens intently to determine if there is a space or a "crack" for them to fit into the other's life. From this point the song goes another direction, (possibly from some of the couples I have met while doing hospice work). The song fast forwards to this same relationship at its end, and with memory loss stealing the precious moments. Is there still a crack? What is the key to unlock the mind? The admirer still longs for any sign from their love.... After thinking about it I realized the movie "The Notebook" also touched on this idea. I admire anyone who is caring for their partner in the late years as they watch dementia take hold. This song is dedicated to them.”