Sweet something
You caught me unaware so rude to stare,
I just couldn’t help, seeing you there
Standing alone.
It would be nice to have you over for tea,
Maybe 3 – yeah we’ll see, you know I’m always running
Out of time.

Sweet, sweet something, she give me that real good feeling
I can’t begin to explain, but everybody needs that sweet something.

Falling from the sky, my drugs run dry
I don’t want to hurt you coming down,
Breaking my fall.
Yeah – it’s good to know, you’d be there for me
But then I’d feel so bad when I’d have to leave
Just when you needed me..



(¾ Chorus into verse)
Sweet something I hope it never ends,
We just need to try & live again,
Again and again.
Throw away the key, no security
One step at a time, baby you know u can
Come to me.

Chorus x 2