Water turns to wine
You can stand me up to the firing line,
Throw my feet to the fire
Tell me straight – There ain’t no way
But I’m gonna get to you – One of these days

Last call for a miracle,
One more before this night is through

When water turns to wine
Your love will be mine. X 2

Watch me shake, the magic hand of chance
Cross my fingers, Well I hope to dance
In marching time, see it marching on
Wears me numb, when she don’t come

What the wise man doubts – the fool believes
So who does love deceive?



You can push me off a sinking ship
n’ take a wing just to bust my lip
Bury my bones, spit on my grave
Just I’m gonna get to you, one of these days.

When Water… Chorus

Chorus x 3 outro