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Nu-Blu's Sound Innovative, Yet Comforting: Go Triad Jan. 27, 2010
When I was a teenager, the band at my high school dance broke into a rendition of the classic bluegrass song, “Tennessee Stud.” Unexpectedly, the cutest guy in school hooked his arm with mine and swung me around in a dos-a-dos. I mentally clicked my heels up in the air like a lucky leprechaun, savoring every moment.
I felt the same sense of elation listening to the CD “Nights,” the first release from the husband/wife band, Nu-Blu. With Carolyn Routh on bass and vocals, Daniel Routh on guitar and vocals, Levi Austin on banjo and vocals, and Kendall Gales on mandolin, Nu-Blu of Siler City creates a unique sound that is at once comfortably traditional but at the same time freshly innovative.
Radio and media have embraced the 2010 release of “Nights” as evidenced by its debut on the Euro Americana Chart at No. 10, spending more than five weeks on the Americana Music Association’s Top 40 chart and staying on the Roots Music Bluegrass Report’s top 50 songs for more than 5 months. And in 2010, Pinecastle Record artist Nu-Blu won the coveted Carolina Music Award for Country Band of the Year, and their single, “Christmas in Dixie,” an Alabama cover song, hit No. 1 on the Airplay Direct Top Bluegrass Album Chart.
The road to these successes wasn’t exactly an easy one.
A few years ago, Carolyn suffered two strokes. Her right side was paralyzed, and she was unable to speak.
It began with the headaches.
Carolyn didn’t think too much about them, but as they worsened, she ended up in the hospital taking blood thinners to control what the doctors thought were migraines. On Thanksgiving morning 2001, Carolyn’s neurologist was standing by her bed as she first lost her ability to speak, then suffered the first of the strokes due to a blockage in her brain. Quick medical care insured no permanent damage, but with the inability to speak and under a fog of medication, Carolyn didn’t know that. In her nightmare of silence, Carolyn thought she caused the stoke by neglecting her diabetes.
“My doctor had warned me over and over to take better care of myself because I could cause permanent damage. I thought it was my blood sugar and that I had done this to myself,” Carolyn says.
Carolyn regained her speech within days of the strokes but needed physical therapy to learn how to use her right side again. Carolyn’s best friend, Daniel, was with her through it all.
The two met in 2001 when Carolyn needed a bass player for her contemporary Christian band, Faithful Journey, and Daniel stopped by to eat lunch at her family’s restaurant, Johnsons, in Siler City. Carolyn mentioned she needed a bass player for an already existing band, and although Daniel didn’t know how to play bass, he said he could learn. Thus began the life-long commitment to each other and to a dream becoming a reality.
Their friendship grew as they tried various genres of music, with a stab at a Christian rock band, then classic rock and finally bluegrass with Nu-Blu.
In the early part of 2006, Daniel started teaching Carolyn how to play bass, a skill that she learned quickly with the same determination she used to regain the use of her right side.
“From the time she put her hands on a bass, she played five weeks later in a show,” Daniel says, in admiration.
Perched on a stool in their recording studio, Red Squared Studio, in Siler City, Daniel reflects on the years since Carolyn’s strokes and recovery and says he believes everything happened for a reason. Creating the band allowed them to reach out to people through their music, especially through some of their Gospel songs. He shares how determined Carolyn was to regain use of her right hand and how she was released from physical therapy early because she was doing so well.
“Even before she was released from the hospital, everything she was told she wouldn’t be able to do she was already pushing herself to do,” Daniel says.
Back at home, Daniel helped Carolyn with her physical needs, bringing her food and medication when her head hurt too much to sit up or even watch TV. Daniel slept in a recliner and set his alarm for every two hours to make sure Carolyn’s blood sugar didn’t drop too low. He got up early every morning to go to work and called Carolyn every chance he got.
“I really don’t know what I would have done without Daniel,” Carolyn says. “He was my nurse, cheerleader and drill sergeant who pushed me hard to reach the next level, but was also there when I needed a shoulder to cry on.”
But most importantly, Daniel was the person who pushed her to succeed with the goals she had set for herself.
An eternal optimist, Carolyn said she kept striving to take the next step to recovery because she really wanted to do everything she had been able to do before, especially with their music and Nu-Blu.
Within several months, Carolyn regained the use of her right hand and made a full recovery.
“The only side effect is her memory loss,” Daniel says, as Carolyn pretends to knock him off of his stool. (Carolyn never actually suffered memory loss.)
In 2006, Carolyn and Daniel married in a no-frills ceremony: no rings or proposal, just a trip to the magistrate one morning and the newlyweds attending a show at a biker bar on their honeymoon night so Daniel could run sound for the band.
“It didn’t really hit me that we were getting married until Daniel introduced me at work as his fiancee,” Carolyn says. “It just started with the music, and we became best friends.”
Although Carolyn, Daniel and Austin are all songwriters, the majority of the tunes on “Nights” were written by national songwriters they connected with at bluegrass festivals.
The Rouths say they like to pick the best songs available that fit their style but also fit with the flow and direction of the project.
Part of the magic of Nu-Blu’s sound is the exemplary style of Austin’s banjo playing. Influenced by bluegrass greats such as Earl Scruggs and Sammy Shelor, Austin has won numerous banjo and guitar awards, including The Galax Fiddler’s Convention Award in 2007, the nation’s longest-running fiddler’s convention. During that trip to Galax, Va., Austin got a call from Carolyn saying she had a dream that he played a certain song and that he’d won. Austin chose to play the song in Carolyn’s dream, the instrumental bluegrass classic, “Sled Ride,” earning him the award.
Together with Gales’ mandolin playing, the group creates a different sound that turns former nonbluegrass lovers into fans.
“The No. 1 compliment that we get is when someone says they really don’t like bluegrass, but they really like us,” Daniel says. “We work hard and play together a lot.”
Austin says that being close-knit helps because they can be critical of each other’s work without hurting feelings.
As they currently work on a new CD to follow “Nights,” the trust they share is evident. Carolyn is laying down a vocal track while Daniel and Austin engineer. Then, they all switch places and offer helpful criticism.
“When I’m in the booth playing my guitar, I listen back to what I play, but it’s more about what Levi and Carolyn say,” Daniel says.
The success of Nu-Blu comes not only from their music but from hard work and smart marketing strategies. In the bluegrass world, Nu-Blu is known as the band that introduces techniques, such as online marketing and social networking, which directly connects the band members with their fans.
Carolyn and Daniel have hopes for a European tour in 2011, but in the meantime, they say they’re excited about a planned 2011 tour starting in North Carolina and ending in Canada.
As best friends and constant companions with a lucrative music career before them, they are savoring every moment and no doubt kicking up their heels like lucky leprechauns.
“There’s nothing sweeter than taking the stage with your best friend and love standing right beside you,” Carolyn says. “I’m having the time of my life!”

The Alternate Root Magazine

It is very important to Nu-Blu that their traditions are honored. With ‘Nights’, the band has kept its intentions. The foursome packs a persistent drive into their songs while carefully crafted melodies are cradled and nurtured along. Carolyn and Daniel Routh were on a musical journey before making the bluegrass side of Americana their home. After meeting and hearing Lonesome River Band at a festival, the style took hold. Kendall Gales (mandolin) and Levi Austin (banjo) can chart their ties to bluegrass further back. Kendall joined his Dad’s band at the age of ten and Levi fell in love with the banjo when he was nine. Levi would later become the North Carolina state banjo champion.

Nu-Blu brings passion into each track, infusing timeless tunes and melodies with feelings and emotions more in line with more current calendar dates. When Carolyn takes the lead on “Lonesome Whistles”, her vocals soar as the fiddle hauntingly whines the titles freight train calls. On “Try and Catch the Wind’, the band battles the same freight train motion as its speeds along with a pace that assures it will reach the crossing first. Nu-Blu originals (“My Sweet Caroline”, “How Do I move On”, “In and Out of Love”) are a perfect fit for covers that the band makes their own, such as Nanci Griffith's “Spin on A Red Brick Floor”. Nu-Blu keeps the traditional fires burning while stirring the flames with a youthful energy that create a new form and sound that expands beyond genres.

Flyinshoes Review
In a classic tale of taking a lot of time and work to become an overnight success, North Carolina's Nu-Blu seem to be making waves in the American bluegrass scene with this long-nurtured album of material. Core members Daniel and Carolyn Routh are joined by banjo player Levi Austin, fiddler Greg Luck and mandolin player Kendall Gales. All of them are exemplary players, solidly in the bluegrass tradition and with Carolyn's clear, sweet voice they frequently sound like Allison Krauss at her most traditional.

There's just one instrumental amongst the dozen tracks - a version of Red Haired Boy - and the eleven songs come from a range of sources reflecting a desire to move forward within the genre. Bluegrass writer Mark Brinkman contributes the standout song for my money. 'Lonesome Mountain' is a nice combination of a great bluegrass tune and a lyric that is partly myth-making, yet at the same time rooted in real lives. Four songs come from the band members themselves and these are very much in the mould of Allison Krauss's own songwriting; 'Spin On A Red Brick Floor', from Nanci Griffith and Juice Newton's 'River of Love' are amongst the other songs covered and I guess this reflects the range of influences these guys have in making their own music. In other words, I don't expect they do a bluegrass version of Guns'n'Roses for an encore.

They've got a nice balance to their sound and Levi Austin's baritone voice adds some weight when he harmonises with Daniel and Carolyn. In best bluegrass tradition, every instrument gets a chance to shine and I particularly like it when Daniel's picking away at the lower strings on his guitar, it seems to give a bit of a welly to the sound. I'm curious about the fiddle sound. It sounds to me like old style mountain playing and frequently I think he's playing two strings together; I'm not sure if this is common in bluegrass bands but it's the thing that gives Nu-Blu a sound of their own to my ears. I'm probably completely wrong on that one so if anyone cares to enlighten me... Overall, they drive along really nicely - precise and fast - and any sort of bluegrass fan will welcome these new kids on the block.
John Davy

The Bluegrass Special. com
Traditional Blessings
By David McGee

Nu-Blu Bluegrass Artists

When the lamented Pinecastle Records closed up shop last year, the North Carolina quartet Nu-Blu was part of the collateral damage. The band had its first album in the can and was awaiting its release at the moment the business ceased operations. But Nu-Blu is a resilient bunch, and the demise of their label was merely a bump in the road, and nothing compared to what had happened six years earlier. It was in 2003 (the year Nu-Blu was formed) that bass player/vocalist Carolyn Routh suffered two strokes in succession over Thanksgiving weekend and lost both her ability to speak and the use of her right side. Guitarist/vocalist Daniel Routh stuck with her throughout recovery and rehab, as she slowly regained everything the stroke had robbed her of, with Daniel’s enduring love as an added-value bonus. In 2006 the couple was married. So a label folds? Piffle. The Nu-Blu debut album is out as a self-released project, and it’s not merely good, it’s a blessing for fans of traditional bluegrass.

These musicians—in addition to Daniel and Carolyn, the lineup is rounded out by a super mandolin player in Kendall Gates and a formidable, subtle banjo man in youthful looking Levi Austin, a former North Carolina State Banjo champ—play with an assurance and verve that is the product of discipline, hard work and, ensuing from those attributes, an understanding of the group dynamic reflected in precision technique and galvanizing communication among the instrumentalists. Beyond the sparkling musicianship, the original material has poetry and craft going for it, the well-chosen covers (from writers on the order of Nanci Griffith and Mark Brinkman) fit right in, and vocally the Rouths make a strong impression—Daniel has a warm, husky tenor, full of feeling, and Carolyn a strong, ringing, mountain timbre and a smooth pop edge all at once—kind of a combination of Rhonda Vincent and Alison Krauss, if comparisons must be made.

The common bluegrass album kickoff number gets a makeover here. Instead of the time-honored barnburner, Nu-Blu opens with Greg Luck’s midtempo breakup missive, “I Won’t Be Around,” a showcase for guest Luck’s steadily crying fiddle and a continuously rolling banjo statement by Austin supporting Daniel’s forceful lead vocal and the Rouths’ soaring harmonies on the choruses. Love, especially of the troubled kind, is a recurring theme on Nights. It’s there in the confusion permeating Carolyn’s plaintive vocal on her and Daniel’s multi-textured ballad, “How Do I Move On”; it’s there in the anticipatory tension of another Rouths original, the lilting “In and Out of Love”; it’s there when the barnburner does show up by way of Mark Brinkman’s “Try and Catch the Wind,” on which the band shoots out of the gate at a frantic pace led by Austin’s banjo and Luck’s breakneck fiddling, with Daniel adding a deft acoustic guitar solo behind Carolyn’s spiteful vocal directed at a feckless lover whom she advises would be better off attempting the title sentiment than holding out hope she’s going to take him back. And not to take anything away from the lovely, atmospheric ballad, “Lonesome Whistles,” featuring a tender, heartbreaking vocal by Carolyn, but the title track is the album’s most beautiful, affecting moment. The Donna Hughes song is suffused with the longing and profound ache Hughes delivers as well as any writer, and Nu-Blu makes it work by trimming down its instrumental attack, leaving only Luck’s mournful fiddling and Daniel’s stark acoustic guitar picking to craft a stark, abject soundscape for Carolyn to offer a stirring, restrained reading that packs a punch by being so controlled. The song is a keeper, and so is the entire album. Figure on Nu-Blu hanging around for awhile.

Carolina Music Awards Names Nu-Blu "Country Band of the Year"
North Carolina based band, Nu-Blu has been awarded COUNTRY BAND OF THE YEAR by the Carolina Music Awards. The award was presented to the band last Sunday during the 3rd Annual Carolina Music Awards Show at the Progress Energy Center in Downtown, Raleigh, North Carolina. The focus of the Carolina Music Awards is the development of the music industry in the Carolinas, encouraging growth in music now and in the future.

Nu-Blu includes the talents of Daniel Routh, Carolyn Routh, Kendall Gales and Levi Austin who have garnered recent media attention including this month’s features in both The Alternate Root Magazine and Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine. Their new album, “NIGHTS” was released just a few short months ago and is already receiving very impressive airplay on Bluegrass, Americana and Roots radio stations around the world.

“NIGHTS” is now available at, iTunes, Music Shed, CD Baby, Wal-Mart, the band's website and more outlets. For more information on Nu-Blu including a complete tour schedule, Booking and Media contacts, please visit

Pinecastle Records signs Nu-Blu
Pinecastle Records Signs Nu-Blu

Columbus, NC - September 2, 2010 - Pinecastle Records is officially back in operation under a new owner, Dr. Lonnie Lassiter, and is proud to announce that Nu-Blu is the first artist to be signed to the label. The bluegrass band was the last artist to be signed to Pinecastle Records before it shut its doors in early February. The band is a rising star in the bluegrass world and is working hard to become a major force in the genre. Nu-Blu was recently honored by the Carolina Music Awards as "Country Band of the Year." The band has been featured in Bluegrass Music Profiles, The Alternate Root Magazine and their album Nights is currently charting on the Americana Music Chart Top 40.

Daniel and Carolyn Routh, along with Kendall Gales and Levi Austin make up Nu-Blu. Daniel, on guitar, focuses on incorporating different styles into his playing. Not only does he add his guitar talents to Nu-Blu, but he also trades lead and harmony vocals with bass player Carolyn. With Carolyn handling most of the lead, her vocal range and clarity are a big part of what makes Nu-Blu such a sophisticated and versatile band. She gives the band flexibility and a driving edge that sets it apart from the rest. The two young guns, Kendall Gales on mandolin and Levi Austin on Banjo, fill out the ranks and provide the band with a solid and talented backbone.

The band gives the bluegrass genre a new spin while still staying grounded in the traditions and fundamentals of the music. They have worked hard to develop a sound that gives the listener a diverse experience, while remaining within the realms of bluegrass. By mixing original and traditional material with songs from other genres, Nu-Blu has created a unique and driving blend of music that keeps audiences coming back for more.

"It's not often that a band is privileged enough to find a perfect fit with a label, but to find it twice is unprecedented. Nu-Blu is honored to be the first to be added to the new Pinecastle Records list of artists." - Daniel & Carolyn Routh, Nu-Blu

Pinecastle is excited to officially be back in business. The past month has been spent moving old artist product and company files, settling in to a new office, working on phone systems, email addresses, planning, and accounting. Now, Pinecastle can focus on making and promoting good music. A new website is currently in the works as are a slew of upcoming projects by new and old artists. Watch for new announcements and keep up to date on the following social media sites.

Nu-Blu debut on AMA Chart
Nu-Blu is celebrating significant chart success for their debut album, "NIGHTS" including this week’s debut at #37 on the Americana Music Charts, #10 on the Euro Americana Chart, and #22 on the Roots Music Bluegrass Report Top 50 Album chart.

Their new album has certainly appealed to numerous genres of music as evidenced by their recent win as “Country Band of the Year” by the Carolina Music Awards and inclusion in the Mast Farm Inn’s Emerging Artist Concerts to be held during the International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass this Fall. That will be the band's exclusive performance during the week long event that begins September 27, 2010 and held at the Nashville Convention Center.

Nu-Blu has recently been featured in: Bluegrass Music Profile Magazine and The Alternate Root, with impressive support from radio stations around the globe. Remo Ricaldone (Radio Host in Italy) says Nu-Blu "plays some of the most genuine, honest and delightful roots music around," with Tom Henderson (WMNF, Tampa, FL) describing the album as, "Impeccable pickin' and singing."

Nu-Blu includes the talents of: Daniel Routh on guitar, lead and harmony vocals; Carolyn Routh on bass, and lead and harmony vocals including the new single release, “Spin on a Red Brick Floor”; Kendall Gales on mandolin; Levi Austin on banjo and vocals; with special guest, Greg Luck. The album was produced by Carolyn Routh and Greg Luck and recorded at Red Squared Audio (Siler City, NC) with additional tracks at Riverside Audio (Mt. Gilead, NC). “NIGHTS” was mastered by Daniel Routh, Red Squared Audio, and engineered by Daniel Routh and Levi Austin.

“NIGHTS” is now available at, iTunes, Music Shed, CD Baby, Wal-Mart, the band's website and more outlets. The album is available to radio via For more information on Nu-Blu including a complete tour schedule, Booking and Media contacts, please visit

Bluegrass? We have an app for that!
Nu-Blu Launches First Bluegrass Band Smart Phone APP
Includes Live Feed from Bluegrass Blog

Siler City, NC (December 13, 2010) Pinecastle Records artist, NU-BLU, is proud to announce their new FREE smart phone APP is now available for iPhone in the APP STORE and coming in about two weeks for Android in the Android Marketplace. This is the first APP by a bluegrass band and offers fans direct interaction and access to the group. It also features a live feed from THE BLUEGRASS BLOG. "My gob is smacked! Nu-Blu beat us in getting content from The Bluegrass Blog into a smart phone. Congratulations, and well done," quipped John Lawless.

The free app also includes feeds from Napster, Last FM and Nu-Blu News, plus a special endorsement video from D'Addario Strings that can also be viewed at the band's youtube page.

Nu-Bu fans will have access to band information including: Videos, Photos, Tour Dates, and a Music Store that features the group’s new single, “Christmas in Dixie,” plus tracks from their new chart album, “NIGHTS.” Users will also be able to download sound bytes, ask the band a question, join the street team, get promo code discounts and more.

Nu-Blu includes the talents of Carolyn and Daniel Routh, Levi Austin, and Kendall Gales. For more information on Nu-Blu, please visit


BAND: Nu-Blu, Daniel and Carolyn Routh, email:

BOOKING: Randy Pitts, 615-463-0974, email:

MEDIA: Hope River Entertainment,

Pinecastle Records Radio Promotion: Matt Hood, 828-376-0065, email:

Press Release: April 5, 2010 - New Single and Upcoming CD
North Carolina based national touring bluegrass artists, Nu-Blu have announced the May 4, 2010 release of their new album, “NIGHTS.” Last October, the band signed with Pinecastle Records and when the label recently announced its closing, the group decided to continue with the release due to overwhelming fan requests. By mixing original and traditional material along with incorporating songs from other genres, like the new single release, “Spin on a Red Brick Floor” (Nanci Griffith), the band has been able to create a unique and hard driving blend of music that gives the listener a diverse music experience, while still staying within the realms of bluegrass.

Daniel and Carolyn Routh, the husband and wife team that head up Nu-Blu, co-wrote two original songs on the album, “In and Out of Love,” and “How Do I Move On,” with Daniel also co-writing “My Sweet Carolyn” with Nu-Blu band member Levi Austin. “Nights”, the title track, was penned by award-winning singer-songwriter, longtime friend of the band, Donna Hughes. Other featured tracks include: “Lonesome Mountain” and “Try and Catch the Wind” (written by Mark ‘Brink’ Brinkman); “Old Black Suit” (written by Larry Shell and Kim Williams); “I Won’t Be Around” (written by Greg Luck); “River of Love” (written by Otha Young and Juice Newton); plus many more that will certainly become fan favorites.

“NIGHTS” includes 12 tracks by Nu-Blu band members: Daniel Routh on guitar, lead and harmony vocals; Carolyn Routh on bass, and lead vocals on 7 of the tracks including the new single release, “Spin on a Red Brick Floor”; Kendall Gales on mandolin; Levi Austin on banjo and baritone vocals; with special guest, Greg Luck on fiddle. The CD was produced by Carolyn Routh and Greg Luck and recorded at Red Squared Audio (Siler City, NC) with additional tracks at Riverside Audio (Mt. Gilead, NC). “NIGHTS” was mastered by Daniel Routh, Red Squared Audio, and engineered by Daniel Routh and Levi Austin.

“Contemporary Bluegrass often has connotations of ‘fixing’ something that’s wrong with traditional Bluegrass. Nu-Blu is contemporary in that this band is new to the national scene. However, all the elements of traditional ‘grass are present here with a drive that comes from years of honing skills as a unit, a true understanding of the music’s past and a desire to add to the ongoing history of the music. Top notch vocals from each member and monster talent on their respective instruments, make this disc a welcome addition to any music library. Turn this one up loud and feel what real Bluegrass music sounds like,” said Cort Riggs (Music Shed)

For more information on Nu-Blu, please visit their brand new website at The album is available free to radio stations via and will soon be available for sale at Music Shed, CD Baby, iTunes and many other sites.

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Mountain Music Entertainment

Bluegrass, Americana, and Country music greats Nu-Blu, Grasstowne, Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice,
Ralph Stanley II, Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show, Misty Stevens and Reminisce Road, and
Niall Toner Band affiliate with the agency.

JONESBOROUGH, Tennessee (January 11, 2011) – Mountain Music Entertainment Inc. announces the addition of Nu-Blu, Grasstowne, Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice, Ralph Stanley II, Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show, Misty Stevens and Reminisce Road, and the Niall Toner Band from Ireland to their associate list. The booking, promotion, and artist management agency also announced the development of several new concert series and events for the upcoming year and 2012.

“My interest in bluegrass and old time music runs as deep as my Western North Carolina roots. My Aunt first introduced me to bluegrass during her time as the President of the Bill Monroe Fan Club until Mr. Monroe's death in 1996. She and my Father were always involved in promoting various bluegrass events and artists as I was growing up.” said Steve Johnson CEO of Mountain Music Entertainment. “I am extremely excited about forming Mountain Music Entertainment Inc., representing our artist roster, and carrying on the family tradition of promoting and representing live music”.

In addition to artist representation, Mountain Music Entertainment Inc. is pleased to offer a variety of music events in 2011 and 2012 including the Historic Jonesborough Bluegrass Series. Additional information about the events and the artists can be found at .

“We are extremely excited to be working with Mountain Music Entertainment,” said artist Karl Shiflett of Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show. “We look forward to having their help with our efforts.” Nu-Blu Bluegrass Artists have signed on with Mountain Music Entertainment for artist management. Daniel Routh of Nu-Blu had this to say about the partnership “Steve’s business experience, formal education, and longstanding connections with bluegrass and other forms of music will be an invaluable combination for us as we move forward in this new relationship!”

All artists represented by Mountain Music Entertainment Inc. are currently booking for 2011 and beyond. The artists are available to perform at festivals, music venues, and private or corporate events around the United States and abroad. Please contact Mountain Music Entertainment Inc. for additional information.

About Mountain Music Entertainment Inc.
Mountain Music Entertainment Inc. is a full service booking, management, and event promotion agency. The organization represents artists of all musical genres specializing in bluegrass, old time, and country music promotion. The agency’s vision is to be regarded as a high quality, ethical, friendly, and dependable down home organization with the goal of providing a personal touch to artists and those that love music by creating a special “take your shoes off and rest a spell” feeling with the artists represented and events. Mountain Music Entertainment is based in Jonesborough, Tennessee with additional offices in Nashville, Tennessee.

Media inquires should be directed to:
Steve Johnson
Mountain Music Entertainment Inc.
828-279-6045 direct mobile

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    Daniel Routh, Carolyn Routh, Levi Austin, Kendall Gales
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