I Go Low
I Go Low
(c) 2020 Aaron Nathans

I think it's time that I go low
For me there's no place else to go
Low is where the story's told
It's where the rubber meets the road
We've all fled the higher ground
We've come to terms with punching down
Riding with the raging flow
I get by when I go low
Go low, go low

Don't say you weren't warned
My lips are going to spark a storm
Oh, the things I'm gonna say
I swear, I'm gonna make them pay
To stop a bully in his shoes
Sometimes you've got to be a bully too
I've gone high, but now I know
I get by when I go low
Go low, go low

These are times that try the best intentions of the people we admire
But this man's going to take a stand I'm going to pour more fuel upon the fire

My good manners lost their mind
Now I'm gonna be the fighting kind
'Cause I've done kindness, what's to like?
And I won't be the last to strike
I won't hold back another day
You can't imagine what I'm gonna say
Stand back, I'm gonna blow
You go high and I go low
Go low, go low...