My Only Leap
My Only Leap
(c) 2020 Michael G. Ronstadt

I fell for it, I fell for you, you called me up, I talked too
I answered back, one day ago, now I know, I have to go

Shining lights, show the way, shining lights, say to stay
stuck right here, feet won’t budge, forgive the sins, of younger love

you… yes you trapped me, I signed deeds, 11 years ago you see
was my only leap, it was my first fall, maybe I’ll go, but for now I stall

Believing all you promised, gave me hole-less grommets.
Bring back the village greens, sad days seldom seen…

The sunlight runs, down my spine, like fallen leaves, at the end of the line
if you believe, in higher life, they you’ll stay back, as we do this right
join me, as I report you back,
to the better bureau, of business blues
to the better bureau, of business blues