(c) 2020 Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt

You came to Coney Island
After the summer crowd scattered
You spent hours in these waters
And your teeth never chattered

You welcomed the winter
The cold was your friend
You left your windows open
No blankets on your bed

Oceans are rising, creatures are dying
It's hotter than the sun, but our senses have gone numb
You're up there flying, while we're down here crying
To save us, save us please

In the shadow of the Cyclone
We stand here on New Year’s Day
As storm winds lash the shore
From off Jamaica Bay

I hold your ashes, o' barbell man
You bathed below these rocks
You passed the hours in these icy waters
But now it's too darn hot

Paupers are popping, You see them talking
Mouthing heavy words, Yet nothing can be heard
We feel the ice breaking, strongman, we're shaking
Save us, save us, please

Help us, old strongman
We need your greatness
Look down on us kindly
With that smile so gracious

Help us, old strongman
To look trouble in the face
Now that you’re supernatural
Send us your strength
Please, Send us your strength
Send us your strength