Light Just One Candle
Don’t look for me, though I’ll be around
Watching and waiting, on the outskirts of town
I see your window from my view on the hill
So send me a signal, that our love is real

Light just one candle, if our love is true
If it must stay a secret, darling light two
He’ll never know, he’ll never see
The flame that has kindled between you and me

I saw you on Sunday, as you two walked by
I saw his head turn, as I caught your eye
You can keep a good secret, though you can’t keep your vows
So I’m watching and waiting and hoping somehow

That you’ll light just one candle if our love is true
If it must ….

I see your window, with the curtains pulled low
You made your decision, I guess I should have known
He raised his hand, you changed your mind
Now you live in his prison and I’ll live in mine