Dark Side Of The Mountain
In the foothills of Black Mountain
Though it's been nearly twenty years
No one in that town's forgotten
When Molly Dougan disappeared

They searched up and down that mountain
But they never found a trace
And what happened to poor Molly
Remains a mystery still today

On the dark side of the mountain
Where the sun no longer shines
There's a secret place well hidden
In the shadow of the pines
I'm the only one who kneels there
By that shallow grave to weep
On the dark side of the mountain
Where Molly dougan sleeps

All the boys loved Molly Dougan's
Amber hair and dark green eyes
Every heart was set on taking
Pretty Molly for their wife

No one knew I followed Molly
High above that mountain town
When I said that we should marry
She just laughed and turned me down