03 Son Of The Seventh Son

Son of the Seventh Son
Baby, you know it’s true
this hoochie coochie man
it’s gonna HooDoo you
I'm a natural-born lover
a real Backdoor man
don't you know this Mannish boy
has grown up to be a man
I’m the One
I’m the Son of the Seventh Son

I’m gonna beat down the devil
I breathe smoke and fire
I’ll come back from the dead, girl
Just say to your mine, wonder line(?)

You see, the men, the men
They just don’t know it,
But the little girls they understand.

When I say that I’m a Man,
You better believe that I’m the Man
I’m the One
I’m a Son of the Seventh Son

I'll be your man baby
but girl, I don't play
I'll be your man
and I wash all your blues away
you see I drink TnT
I smoke a little dynamite
trouble get to runnin’
when I come into sight
I’m the One, you better believe it!
I’m the Son of the Seventh Son