Mississippi Missing You
Mississippi Missing You c2008

I love Tupelo, it’s our hometown
And I’ve known you for a long, long time
We’ve both grown up from Grape Nehis
To Mogen David wine
And now you like a Chateauneuf
Bordeaux or a Cotes du Rhone
And that wanderlust look in your eyes
Tells me you’ll soon be gone.

Well I want you to search for whatever it is
You think that you’ve been missing
And whenever you call home
I’ll be here to listen
I hope that you’ll be happy
When all your dreams come true
And I’ll be in Mississippi missing you.

I got your postcard from Paris
That Eiffel Tower is a sight to see
You’re speaking French, and making friends
And you’ve bought a winery
And now you’re learning how to make
Your own signature blend
And you don’t know when you’ll find the time
To make it home again


When you left I could see the stars in your eyes
And I hope that life is treating you just right
The sparkle of a million stars in the southern sky
That’s what gets me through the lonely nights

I walked into Lucky Liquors
To pick up some screw-top wine
But there on the French import shelf
I was surprised to find
A red that really caught my eye
Called Mississippi Moon
I bought a case and tonight I’m here
Making a toast to you.

Taking in some Mississippi moon/When you come home we’ll drink a glass or two
I’ll be in Mississippi missing you.