My Present To You
That's My Present To You c2015

You hurt me like you've never hurt me
You cheated and you broke my heart
Now you're begging and you're pleading
And saying that you're sorry
That you tore our world apart

It would be hard to do
To go on without you
You've been around most of my life
It's not easy to forgive
But I don't think I can walk away
So here's what I propose to do
I'll forget the past
Yes, I'll forget the past
And that's my present to you.

I know other couples have been through this
I just never thought it would be us
Now I'm crying and you're trying
To explain away the heartache
When it all comes down to trust

But... Chorus

Today we can pick up all the pieces
And try to put our love together again

Cause... Chorus