Play It By Beer
Play It By Beer c2015

My old Chevy ran out of luck
By a sign that said 'beer for a buck'
Some two bit town out of Tupelo
Elvis was here so I gave it a go
No signal so I can't call Triple A
But hey the band's plugged in
And they're ready to play

The bartender asked what will it be
And you can use my phone
The first one's on me

Play It By Beer
When you're stuck deep down in a rut (PIBB)
When life is trying to kick your butt (PIBB)
When you're down to your last straw
Suck it up and drink it all
When you've had it up to here
Play It By Beer

What would Elvis do?
He'd just stay cool
Take his cue, and play some pool
The band's finished playing 'All Shook Up'
A few longnecks in
And I said 'what the truck'?


Bud's garage came and fixed the Chevy
Thanks a lot, but I ain't ready
I think I'll stay here and...