So Far, No Good (with T.G. Sheppard)
So Far, No Good c2014

The world keeps turning
And I keep yearning for you
I keep missing the things that you used to do
Like tiptoe around without making a sound
To make us breakfast in bed
Now I’m hungry for you
And it’s all I can do
To get you out of my head

So far, no good
This thing hasn’t turned around
Like I thought that it would
I guess... you’re gone
People tell me that I should move on
I really thought that I could
So far, no good

Don’t know what happened
I always thought that you’d stay
Never thought that a diamond could make a girl run away
Now you’re out there somewhere chasing your dreams
I hope you find what you need
And maybe someday
You’ll find your way
And I hope that it’s right back to me.


Life that I thought I knew
Let go
That’s what I need to do

Tag: I really wish that I could... so far, no good.