I'm Going To Roam
I'm Going to Roam c2014

There's a fountain on my hometown square
I've thrown my share of coins in there
Will my wish come true?... there' ain't no telling
But I think it's time to make like Magellan
There's so much to explore
Past my own front door
I'm leaving home
And I'm going to roam

I'm gonna roam across this great big world
Gonna find the oyster with the prettiest pearl
And give it to the one I love the most
But I don't know who that is yet
My life's not in stone, no it ain't set
When a dream finds you, it won't leave you alone
I'm going to roam

I've searched the sky like Galileo
Will I be a star?... the heck if I know
Even Michelangelo had a hard time
Trying to paint the picture in his mind
But I'll make history
Just you wait and see
I'm leaving home
And I'm going to roam


If dreams have wings
I'm taking flight
Wish me luck
But it feels so right