Country Girls Never Get Old (with Philomena Begley)
Country Girls Never Get Old c2012

We’re making an announcement
To all you buckaroos
We can drink & party
Just as good as you
Been around the block a few times
But honey never fear
Just like a fine and fancy wine
We get better every year.

Chorus: Country Girls Never Get Old
We’re always so much fun
You can look over that hill
You won’t see even one
We may not be spring chickens
But we can party till the cows come home
Pop a top, forget the clock
Country Girls Never Get Old

Listen up young cowboys
We’re still going strong
You can kiss us goodnight
But we’ll be up all night long
We hope you can hang with us
Cause we’d like your company
And when that sun is coming up
We think you will agree


We feel like we have won the race of life
But we’re not on our victory lap just yet
Don’t look to us for motherly advice
But we’ll teach you things that you won’t soon forget


Writers: Debbie Moore, Carrie Moore
Publisher: Belton Uncle Music, BMI