Stories and Memories - More White House Blues
More White House Blues By Randy Hanson
(Key of G, 123 BPM), MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
Intro  Banjo
Verse 1
I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed
But I don’t go and lose my head
All the way to Washington, you been had
More White House Blues, are comin’ on again.
Unplugged….Unhinged, slippin’ away
Take it to the limit, take it to the judge
More White House Blues, my jail birds sing
You’re bound to lie, you’re gonna lie (Everyone sings)
Break  Fiddle
Verse 2
The judge said to me, what’s your alibi
Wrong Time, Wrong Place, as I started to cry
But I took it to the limit, with a story beyond
Gotta catch that train, before we all go down.
Break  banjo
Verse 3
From McKinley to Nixon, and you know who
Dose doe darlin’, who’s dancin’ with you?
Show up, rise up, get on down,
And dig your soul out, from the underground
Break  mando
Verse 4
The weatherman promised me a better day
But my karma ran over your dogma today
Shuffle the deck, and throw the dice
There’s a damn good chance, that we’ll be here twice
Chorus, Tag chorus with repeat last line