Stories and Memories - This Old House
This Old House By Randy Hanson
(Key of D, 115 BPM) MohaviSoul Music (BMI)
INTRO – Fiddle & Mando
Verse 1
Too many old houses, don’t survive
So easy to tear down, than revive
Not easy to rebuild what was once
Restore to splendor, and honor the love
Verse 2
Some say its crazy, too much work
But we honor, this sacred dirt
Blood, sweat, and tears, a small price to pay
Rebuild our memories, still alive today
If these walls could talk,
What would they say?
What could we hear?
Take my hand and close your eyes
As we hold this old house and pray
Break-Verse melody (Banjo/ Fiddle Split)
Verse 3
Yellow newspapers, left in the hall
Old love letters, tell of the fall
Kids all grown, scratched on the wall
Families grow, and then they go
Verse 4
So hold us tight, in this Old House
Shelter our days and nights, in this Old House
Walk us through your halls, in this Old House
Help us start our life, in this Old House
Outro, Sing last line of Chorus x 2
Outro: Instrumental (Fiddle/Banjo)